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Below you will find Woking Hockey Club policies and guidelines.

  1. All sessions to be paid in full upon booking

  2. Bookings can be rescheduled with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. Please contact rather than cancelling and re-booking

  3. Refunds will incur a £5 administration charge

  4. Cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice will be not be refunded

  5. For any queries please contact


COVID-19 : Members Guidance for pitch use during phased return to activity

The information below outlines the steps we are taking to keep our members and coaches safe while following the latest ​Government ​and ​Sport England guidance​ on public spaces, outdoor activity and exercise. These guidelines have been developed following the ​Guidance for the public on the phased return of outdoor sport and recreation in England

Additionally, we have undertaken a full Covid-19 risk assessment that will run in line with our other policies. 

Please read the following guidelines carefully, and when you visit the Club, co-operate with us to ensure the rules of social distancing are adhered to at all times.


Who can use WHC pitches during this period? 

  • Club and non-club members 

  • From 1 June 2020, up to 6 people from different households may join in a Free Play Zone or coaching session but must still follow the current social distancing rules. 

  • Junior members (16 and under) must be supervised at all times; only ​one non-playing guardian / parent ​is permitted if spectating. 

  • Over 16s must read and adhere to these guidelines. 


Who can access Private coaching sessions? 

  • Available to Club members and Non-members  

  • All juniors from U7/8 upwards and adults can participate. 


Club access and general guidelines 

  • Please follow the Government guidelines on travel when making journeys to and from the club. 

  • Avoid congregating inside the clubhouse, at the club entrance, pitch side or in the grass area in front of the clubhouse and maintain your 2 metre distance at all times. 

  • Only travel to the club if you have a confirmed session booked and arrive at the time of your booking, not before. 

  • Junior members (16 and under) should be escorted by one parent / guardian to and from the pitch and should be supervised at all times - one parent / guardian may remain at the side of their child’s pitch and should follow the 2 metre social distancing rules. 

  • Only players and coaches will be allowed on the pitch and there should be no spectators gathering outside the pitch (except ​one ​supervising parent / guardian). 


Health, Safety and Hygiene 

  • Follow guidelines on hand hygiene carefully. We strongly encourage you to bring your own hand sanitising gel. 

  • Bring your own water bottle; we will not be able to refill water bottles. 

  • Equipment must not be shared between players and coaches; nor will equipment be lent by the Club (with the exception of balls/cones; please see below) 

  • Please bring the minimum amount of equipment/kit with you and arrive ready to play and take all your belongings away at the end of your session. 

  • You may wish to bring your own fold-up chair (in the case of a parent/guardian supervising a child). 

  • Do not share food and drink with others. 

  • Please do not come to the Club if you have a raised temperature, are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, are self-isolating or living with individuals that are self-isolating. 

  • If you exhibit any signs or symptoms in the days following your session, please ensure you inform us in case we need to do any contact tracing. 

  • In the event of an incident or injury causing extended periods of contact with the pitch surface, please use the sanitiser sprays provided to disinfect the pitch surface.



  • Equipment must not be shared between players.

  • Please bring your own marked balls for zoned free play sessions - max of 4. We recommend that you clean and wipe down your equipment including ball, sticks, shin pads etc before and after play. 

  • If you are playing with members outside your household; avoid picking up each other's balls. Only touch balls with your sticks. ​Consider nominating 1 person to provide balls so that it is easier to keep track. 

  • Hockey balls and cones will be provided by the Club for paid coaching sessions and will only be handled by the coach. 

  • Please refrain from touching any other equipment (such as cones). Only coaches should handle these and will ensure that these are disinfected regularly. 

  • Please bring the minimum amount of equipment/kit with you and arrive ready to play. 

  • Any clothing or equipment left on the premises will be removed safely and put into the rubbish bins. 


During play 

  • Each pitch will be divided into quarters. Players should not cross into adjacent pitch zones. If a ball crosses into another pitch, ensure that you only use your stick to send it back. 

  • A 2 metre distance should be maintained at all times between individuals of different households. 

  • Please refrain from touching any other equipment (such as cones). Only coaches should handle these and will ensure that these are disinfected regularly. 

  • Gates to the pitches must remain open. Please avoid touching gates and adjacent pitch side fences. 

  • Use of the dugouts is prohibited. Please do not leave your equipment on the pitch side benches. 


If this guidance is not adhered to, the coaches have the authority to ask you to leave the premises for the safety of others and themselves.

Pitch configuration.jpg

Junior training and matches (up to and including U16 age groups)

Please note the following policy for all junior training sessions and matches up to and including U16 age groups:

  • A parent needs to remain at the club, or needs to designate another adult who will be responsible in case of an emergency or illness, at all club training sessions and matches with immediate effect.

  • Ideally parents will remain near the pitch. However, in wet and/or cold weather, and with the clubhouse likely unavailable due to Covid restrictions, it is accepted that parents may need to shelter in cars for the duration of the session. In this instance a mobile phone number must be supplied either in their pitchero account or given to the Age Group Manager at the start of the session.

  • In the event that you wish to designate another adult, you need to communicate this to the Age Group Manager either before or at the start of the session or match.

Many thanks for complying with this policy and thus helping us to keep hockey available during Covid.

Future steps 

We are very pleased to be able to get some activity happening back at the club, but our priority is the safety of our members and coaches. Please work with us to ensure that the guidelines are being followed so that we can all be safe. We will be reviewing the club usage daily and will make necessary changes if we feel the guidance isn’t being followed. 

Additionally, we will continue to follow Government guidance and will be prepared to curtail or expand our activities at short notice should there be any changes to the Covid-19 situation.

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