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Below you will find the Woking Hockey Club COVID-19 guidelines.

Woking Hockey Club has developed these guidelines in order to provide a simple guide on the current government and England Hockey (EH) procedures to be followed and to outline how these are being applied by your club to manage the COVID-19 risk for you and any spectators.


EH has made a commitment to the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) and Public Health (PH) that participants returning to hockey will follow EH and Government guidance to reduce the spread of infection. This will mean that an ‘Individual Consent for Participating in Hockey under Covid-19 Restrictions’ form will be required to be completed by ALL participants. Only those who are signed up will be eligible to attend training sessions or matches or indeed be on the pitch itself.


EH will hold your data for the purposes of supporting NHS Track and Trace, and to support the Governance of the Sport, and to ensure that Deliverers (i.e. Woking Hockey Club) are following the guidelines agreed with DCMS and PHE.  This data will be held up until the point where it is agreed by both the government and England Hockey that they no longer need to hold this information for the purposes of helping to control the COVID-19 pandemic.


The procedures have been brought together into a simple pack so that they can be clearly communicated with all members, parents, coaches, and spectators. They will be version controlled and as and when government advice changes or the club are required to improve or change them they will be updated and re-issued.

Click the links below to download.

Woking Hockey Club has a FIVE step approach to managing COVID-19 risk:

  1. Produce written transparent procedures - These procedures will be provided on the club website so that they are easily available and accessible  to all.

  2. Ensure that Coaches, Managers, Captains and Age Group Managers (Juniors) understand them

  3. Implement the procedures

  4. Check that procedures are being implemented correctly

  5. Improve / update this document as required i .e. following feedback and/or when government/ England Hockey guidelines change plus republish advising on key changes made and why

It is important that everyone adheres to these procedures. If we do not then there is a risk of being shut down by England Hockey or Woking Council. Please help by not only following the "rules" yourself, but by reminding others that they need to as well.


It is your ultimate responsibility to understand and comply with the government guidelines and those of England Hockey which can be found here.

Thank you for your continued support


Tracy Wright

WHC Covid Officer

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