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2. Annual Subscriptions

Subs are now due and can be paid here - please ensure you select the correct category and complete the payment form.

Please note the following:

  • The payment provider collects the payments either as a one-off direct debit or in instalments (depending on the option chosen). More information on GOCardless can be found on the next page.
  • As a family club, we are keen for parents of all junior members to feel as much a part of the club as their offspring. To that end at least one parent of every junior member is required to also be a member of the club – either as a player member themselves, or if not a hockey player, then as a social member. This helps to maintain our family friendly and community club ethos and helps us all to work together to build a happy, successful and well-organised environment for all.
  • We seek to make hockey accessible to all players regardless of their financial situation. Please speak to your captain or Section Chair in confidence if you are experiencing financial hardship and would like to request a reduced subscription rate.
  • For members joining after 31 December 2019 a 50% reduction will apply on subscriptions.
  • Except for Social, Umpire, Occasional Membership and Goalkeepers with their own kit all other membership categories will be available to pay in instalments.
  • A 20% discount will be applied to families that have 1 full paying adult and at least 2 children or 2 full paying adults and at least 2 children. Please complete this form with the details of your family so that we can set up the appropriate fee.
  • All subscriptions include any England Hockey Affiliation Fees.

Match fees
In addition to annual subscription fees, match fees are payable as follows:

  • Adult matches: £11 per match per player (some teams may set a higher fee to cover umpire or travel costs). Note there is no reduction for juniors playing an adult match.
  • England Hockey Championship Junior Cup Matches: £5 per match per player. (Note no match fee is payable for other junior matches).

Annual subscription rates

Membership CategoryPrice Until 30 Sept 2019Price from 1 Oct 2019 or if paid by instalments setup by 30 Sept 2019Price if paid by instalments from 1 Oct 2019
Full Adult Playing Member215230245
18 to 28185200215
18 to 28 (New Members for first year only)150165180
U14 to U18185200215
Goalkeeper with own kit8085N/A
Occassional Adult playing member, playing a maximum of 6 matches or training only (after 6 matches, match fees of £20 will apply unless membership is upgraded to full adult membership)90100N/A
Social Members
  • All Junior Members require one parent to be a Playing Member or a Social Member
  • 1020N/A
    Umpire Members3035N/A